Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dragoons of the Foot Variety

At last I hear you cry You've managed to sit on your fat lardy arse and actually paint something ! Well yes I have and it's not THAT lardy !

Well although these are carrying the Royal Dragoon Standard I have done them to be used as and when needed, the figures are from Lurkio,Officer from Matchlock, that come in FOGR units with mdf bases that I wouldn't use for I think for 15mm figures they are too thick, I enjoyed painting these  dead easy, however this pack came with no command figures which I believe is a big weakness of the range, but if you can find suitable figures I would certainly recommend them although they are a little on the chunky side.


  1. Cheers Phil, not bad for 15s, may get a few units of these but will only use them for 1 nation possibly Savoy

  2. Nice work Wayne, I do like the horse holders.

  3. Cheers, they have worked out well, what do you reckon to the figures ? you weren't sure when I mentioned them before