Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dragoons of the Foot Variety

At last I hear you cry You've managed to sit on your fat lardy arse and actually paint something ! Well yes I have and it's not THAT lardy !

Well although these are carrying the Royal Dragoon Standard I have done them to be used as and when needed, the figures are from Lurkio,Officer from Matchlock, that come in FOGR units with mdf bases that I wouldn't use for I think for 15mm figures they are too thick, I enjoyed painting these  dead easy, however this pack came with no command figures which I believe is a big weakness of the range, but if you can find suitable figures I would certainly recommend them although they are a little on the chunky side.

By Fire & Sword

You see, I haven't disapeared again, bought these through the Kickstarter programme that these guys ran, must admit that I was worried I may never see anything for my money but how wrong I was, I got these, the specials and some samples of more figures and terrain. The boxes are top to bottom:- Special Polish Skirmish pack, Ottoman Skirmish pack and Feudal Sipahi with Spears.

 Close-up of the special Polish skirmish pack apparently this is a signed limited edition, I can assure you that the contents will be painted and the box thrown away !

These are the Ottoman boxes

 Finally a picture of the contents of the Ottoman skirmish pack, 2 boxes each well packaged with everything you need apart from glue, paint and brushes. The spears are the standard fair that can be bought from the likes of Northstar, who incidentally are the UK distributors for these figures, self adhesive flags, steel bases and of course the figures. Now forgive me for gushing, but I've never bought figures or units before that have come so well packed and with everything you need, I like it !

When I have built some up prior to painting I post some pics of the actual figures


Thursday, 22 August 2013

I'm Back !!!!

Hi Guys,hope this finds you all well and mildly surprised ! !  Finally cracked my way back in, had to open my old steam powered laptop to help me gain access. Well you've not missed much, not painted for a while, but have had ago at ECW.

The figures were good but as they are quite old moulds took a bit of cleaning up and wasted a few figures, so the infantry are sold, may paint some more up in the future but only to sell.
I have some Lurkio dragoons that I've painted and am in the process of basing up. Also I've bought 2 skirmish packs of By Fire and Sword figures so will pop those on here as a review and when painted.