Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Recruits for James

Hi, Latest Jacobite unit to be finished, Irish recruits, once again all the figures are Essex, I wasn't too sure about these figures when I started this period, however they have grown on me, just a shame about their exorbitantly high p&p charges, £9 for a 900g packet !!! the flag is from the Catalan wargamers group, it is a Catalan militia flag, but as it's in latin I thought what the hell, I'll use it,rough translation, "We shall live free or we shall die" the remainder of the winged hussars are nearly finished, so hopefully I'll put some photos up of the whole of the Saxon/Polish army. Ttfn

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Irish Guards

This is the first unit of the Irish Jacobite army I've painted, I know in an ideal world you should leave the guards till last in case your painting improves, however their flag was on top and my painting is only likely to get worse as my eyesight deteriorates with old age, the grenadiers are put to one side to be part of a composite grenadier battalion, will be concentrating on this army as soon as I've finished the rest of the winged hussars, then I'll be fleshing out the English and Dutch I've already painted. The Irish units will be based with pikemen, this is to represent their poor weaponry but high fighting ability in hand to hand.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

1st Squadron

Hi, first squadron of winged hussars finished, only another 3 to go, these weren't as hard to paint as I thought they would be, just a pain in the arse to put together well enough to stand handling, the figures are Essex, who happen to have a special offer on at the moment, 11 for 10, need some more grenadiers for my Jacobites so will be putting a small order in, gotta go and base the Irish Guards up now, ttfn

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Winged Hussars and Irish Guards

Well a taster anyway, just finished the first 2 hussars and the grenadier company of the Jacobite Irish Guards, couldn't wait till they were based, looks like my first game is going to
have two very oddball opponents

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More Poles

Hi guys,

Sorry there's been no updates for a while, but life sometimes gets in the way, ran off to Cornwall with my gorgeous girlfriend to get married, and have done alot of partying with family and friends since, anyway, have still managed to get another unit of Poles finished, so only got 2 units of winged hussars to do and the Saxon/Polish army is finished, also started on the Irish Jacobite army with the Guards nearly finished, Arrans horse next with some militia.