Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Slowly coming out of my winter depression, (no biking & no painting due to it being to cold and my painting table is in my garage) I've actually managed to get out on my bike in February !! Anyway enough of this babbling on to the figures
Hanoverian regt Von Goden, the latest of the Bluemoon figures I bought last year, these are slightly better than the helmeted cuirrassiers, but with the same poor horses, there is no option of a bugler just kettledrums hence the dragoon drummer in 2nd squadron, not happy with this but as niether Essex or Dixons would "fit in" I was left with no choice, the flags are old ones from AJ Dumelow, not sure if they are still available.
The artillery is Bavarian , the figures are from Hallmark, excellent they are too if slightly on the small side compared with Dixons, with these just 2 more infantry regts to paint and the Bavarians will be finished.


  1. That unit has some great character - really enjoying reading that update !

    Sorry to hear about the bike. Its beautiful weather down here on the other side of the world - every day is a great day to ride. Its actually a toss-up whether to spend it painting, or go smash some hills.

    Painting is winning at the moment, despite the weather.

  2. Great painting Wayne, where did you get the flags from and what does the white one look like? Can't see any details of it.

  3. Got them from AJ Dumelow a 2nd hand figure seller at shows, not seen them around for ages, but they did a good range of WSS era flags, the white flag is same as the green one but white background.
    Steve, think you got the wrong idea of "bike" mine's Black has a big engine, and has Triumph written on the tank and goes very quickly :-)

  4. :)

    Nice work. Any kind of bike suffers the same problem though, of looking pretty sad when it is confined to being parked in the shed, eh ?

    What rules work for you in this period ? There seem to be some good choices around, but I havent settled on a set yet.

  5. only looked at Beneath the Liley banners, I have both editions and out of the two I prefer the first one, nice and simple for my very absent mind, however saying that I've not played either properly. Hope to get an opponent this year and try them both out

  6. The first edition is good but the second is better!!

  7. Very nice cavalry regiment, and a great blog too...your Rivera bavarian Regt is really nice!

  8. A late thanks for the post and the pictures. Also for your comparison of Blue Moon, Essex and Dixon. I've just bought a batch of Blue Moon stuff for the Great Northern War, though I wish I'd read your posts first. I went Blue Moon because I already have loads of Essex for the SYW. I'll see how I get on with painting them.

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