Sunday, 8 January 2012

NOW Do I Get a +2 ? ?

So the Priest has finally arrived to lead the the Irish Guards, he is a Bluemoon figure from Nuns and Priests pack from their horror range, bit of an expense buying a full pack for 1 figure but he is a must have. So now can I claim +2 for holy protection and throw the pretender from the throne ??
I have tried a new basing style for the Priest, after input from Ray (don't throw a one) and have tried to match the Guards with it , in an okish fashion, all comments welcome.


  1. Hopefully the expense will be well worth it when these fine looking fellow destroy everything in their sight, only the Williamite side of course!!!
    The basing looks great! What colour did you paint the sand??

  2. no paricular colour, I have a mix of sand, water, pva and paint that I use for basing then I used light grey, white and a light brown to dry bush it, glad you like it

  3. Should have looked at Conquest minatures Jesuits

  4. Very nice, but arn't they 28mm ??

  5. I'd give you a plus 2 they look real cool