Friday, 9 December 2011


Well here we are Bluemoon v Essex v Dixon, we have 2 regiments here, Arco, blue facings and Costa with the red facings, Arco are Dixon troopers and Essex command figures while Costa are all Bluemoon, I think once the current Bluemoon figures are painted I won't be buying any more, they arn't bad figures but certainly not an improvement on figures that were designed 10+ years ago, and as a new company they should be pushing to make improvements or expand on what is already available, but they haven't.


  1. The Blue Moon figures look quite small compared to the Dixon and Essex figures, when I bought some Blue Moon FIW figures they were slightly larger than Essex??? Why can't companies keep their figures the same size?
    I think I'm with you here, stick with the Dixon and Essex!

  2. Just got some Hanoverian horse to paint that are Bluemoon then back to Dixon nad Essex but will have to have a look at Blackhat

  3. I bought some of Blackhat's Renaissance range when they were Gladiator minis, they quite short and stocky figures, I'd be interested to see if the WSS figs are the same or not.

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