Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Naked ! !

Well unpainted dragoons anyway ! ! Here we have L to R Dixon, Bluemoon and Essex, I have a beef with all of them, even though they are my choosen figures, as they are all compatable, if not in the same unit certainly within the same army. Dixons, good figures, but they do lack variety and movement, and choice of horses, Essex, again a lack of movement in the figures however they do have a variation in horse poses, but some of these are dire, Bluemoon, infantry about 2mm bigger than Dixon/Essex so these must look small next to their infantry, not completed painting any yet, but they do lack raised detail and 1 of poses of the horses, is absolutly awful, after all that moaning, I am happy overall with all of them, but please can I have the Dixons in the poses of Bluemoon with Essex horses in decent action poses.


  1. I've not seen the Blue Moon figs in the flesh, although I do have some of their FIW figs, like you said they're a couple of mil taller, but I don't think its that noticeable, Dixon's are great figures, very easy to paint, but I'd still go for the Essex figs any day of the week, they're well animated and even easier to paint than the Dixon's.
    Three cheers for Essex!!! (Wonder if I'll get any free figs in the post???)

  2. They may send you 2 free packs, and charge £9 postage

  3. :o)

    I have some figure comparisons of various tricorn cavalry on my WSS project page - of those three I've not seen Bluemoon, no keen on the Essex (sorry Ray!), like the Dixon very much but am put off by the price... try the Freikorps range - they have a rather nice cavalryman for a ridiculously cheap price...

  4. Have looked at your comparisons, and used them to help me decide which manufacturers to use, however the Freicorps figures are 7 years war abd have turn backs which arn't appropriate for the majority of armies for our chosen period, saying that though, I will take another look at them