Saturday, 17 December 2011

Costa Cavalry

Here we have the finished (minus 1 flag) Bluemoon Bavarian Costa Cuirassier Regt, I wasn't very happy with these, as the standard of the figure combined with the high price makes them a poor buy, however I am currently painting painting some tricorned cavalry figures and they seem much better, I will post pics when finished with some Dixons and Essex and let you decide.



  1. Very nice Wayne, I'm thinking of painting up a Bavarian Cuirassier for the NYW myself!
    Regarding your previous post, all I do for my basing is paint the base with PVA glue then dip the whole base into a pot of sieved sharp sand (to get the larger stones out), you can buy a lifetimes supply in B&Q's for about £4. When dry paint the whole base, then dry brush a lighter colour, then spots of PVA and dip in a pot of flock!! Easy!!

  2. Will try with next unit many thanx

  3. For your Bavarian unit would reccommend Dixon troopers and Essex command

  4. I'll take a look at them. cheers!

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