Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Nice Tea-towel

Oh and the figures arn't bad either
Just a few pics of my latest figures, finished a Hanoverian infantry brigade, the last 2 infantry regiments are on here, De Luc, white coats and green facings, De Charles, red facings, green facings.
The cavalry are French, Royal Allmand, La Reine and Commissaire General. All the figures are Dixons, French flags are from Maverick Models and the Hanoverians from AJ Dumelow.
I've ordered some Bluemoon cavalry figures to complete the Hanoverians, having visited the Old Glory stand at Derby and compared figure sizes for match. The cavalry are a good match whilst the Bluemoon foot figures are a couple of mil bigger than Dixon and Essex figures

Oh and the Cuirrasier unit is the Bavarian Arco Regt



  1. Great stuff Wayne, love the painting and the Hanoverian flags are excellent too!! Nice to see you back on the blog!!