Sunday, 26 April 2015

Some French Dragoons and Something a Little Different

 Latest figures finished, some French dragoons, the Royal Regt, these are all 15mm Dixons and the first of the Ottomans, these are from the Wargames By fire and Sword range, a little larger than the Dixons mainly due to the size of the horses, nice figures to paint, and a good range, having looked at the foot figures which look a little spindly to me I've gone for Legio Heroica foot figures, these will make an appearance on here in the future, hope you enjoy the pictures, as always comments both good and bad welcome



  1. Great looking Dragoons, I think Dixons are THE best range for 15mm Malbraians!! The Ottomans look cool as well, love the flags on all the lances too!

  2. Great job on this cavalry, love the dragoons especially...

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  4. I'm continuing on with a few mini dioramas while I work out what's going to happen down at the swamp. So today I have some really nice figures from Italeri, French Dragoons, which are, along with the foot Dragoons, are a favorite of mine. I should say now that the idea of doing these little ones comes from none other than our good friend Marvin, who most of you will know has produced a lot of work showing certain sets of figures from the Napoleonic period along with his fine Crimean ones, and more.

    There is not much to tell about this one as it's very sederhana, the only thing new is stone wall. This was created from a metode I spotted by some fine fellow showing how he makes one. I was pretty interested so I tried it out and I perasaan it gives a great result as well as being very cheap to make. Have a look at it and judge for yourselves.

    Just a comment on the Italeri figures, you won't find many on my dioramas even though they are really well done. It's just that they are a bit chunky and to me they don't mix in with other brands. However having said that, I will be doing a few more small ones featuring their fine work on their own as you see here. carabangal

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