Sunday, 1 August 2010

Long Time No Blog

Sorry for the lack of updates, lost my enthusiasm for painting, have got some done recently though, Life Guards complete as well as 2 infantry regiments, Lord Bellews and the Lord Grand Priors, only 2 units of dragoons and 3 regiments of foot and my Jacobite army will be finished, as a rule of thumb, my Jacobites & Saxons will each be 10ish regiments of foot and 6 regiments of horse. The Anglo-Dutch and the French will each be about 16 of foot and 10 of horse if all goes well. Also I attended Partizan mainly to see the Aughrim game and take some photies of the figures, I know some of you have been asking to see a few pics, and the organisers havn't been forth coming so there are a few here, sorry about the quality they were done with my phone.


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