Wednesday, 25 August 2010

First Army Finished (at last)

Hi guys I'm pleased to announce that I've finally finished the first army, it is the Saxon-Polish army for the Great Northern War.I'd like to start by thanking Dan Schorr for all the Saxon Army details including flags. I'm really glad I started with this army though they may well find themselves fighting Irish and French armies and not the Swedes, most of the Saxons are Dixon models with the odd Essex and Hallmark figure thrown in, while the Poles are all Essex except for the commander and his standard bearer, the're legio models. Only 2 more infantry units, a regiment of dragoons and some officers to paint and the Irish Jacobites will be finished. the case for the figures from the really useful box company, available from hobbycraft and Rymans, the self-adhesive magnetic sheets are from Principals of war and finally the steel bases I use are from Precision Wargames Supplies Ltd, expensive but I feel worth it for the thin profile, once again thanx for looking and remember all comments good or bad are always welcome.



  1. Figures look great, especially the winged hussars!

  2. Thanx Ray, just wanted some pics up to show size of the army, may put some close ups on the site at a later date

  3. Nice. Always good to have an army "finished"