Monday, 17 August 2015

VBCW 1938

Just finished my first units for the VBCW.
These are the Duke of Devonshire's estate workers, essentially armed to protect the Dukes lands in the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak.
The Duke as yet, has not officially declared his support for any particular faction, however he has agreed with the King and Moseley to allow free unhindered passage through his land for BUF and loyal army units, providing they pass straight through.
By giving them passage it is securing his west and northern bounderies by ensuring the socialists of Manchester and Yorkshire are kept busy, so all the Duke has to worry about is the Miners from East Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire trying to link up with Manchester and the towns of Buxton and Matlock who have both declared for Prince Albert 
His boundary to the south is at the moment secure as Derby has declared for Moseley

Hope you like, all comments welcome


  1. Is it 20 mm? Verry nice! Who produce those lovely "technicals"?

  2. Hi
    These are from EWM just changed the wheels and added some bits and bobs

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