Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Last Units

These are the last "proper" units of the Irish Jacobite army, just some mounted officers and some figures to represent dismounted dragoons, these units are Gordon O'Neills Foote Regiment, and a combined grenadiers unit, these make the total size of the army 3 horse, 3 dragoons, 10 foot and 4 guns , was wondering about doing a small British force of 8 units, 2 horse, 4 Highlanders and 2 loyal regts of foot for "what if" scenarios, I would welcome your thoughts.



  1. Nicely done. I like the look of the combined grenadiers. For my English I put 2 Grenadiers in each foot unit, but for the Dutch, (when I get around to painting them), won't have any Grenadiers, but will have a combined unit like yours. As for the what if?, nearly evry game we play is a what if game, so why not get some more, even if its just for a bigger game.

  2. Thanx Ray,did the Saxons with 2 grenadiers in each unit, but think they are better as a combined unit, think I'll just get 4 units of Highlanders, with 1 unit of cavalry