Friday, 10 September 2010

Freshly Painted Units

Latest Finished units, once again took loads of photos but hardly any turned out, perhaps I'm trying to get too much detail in the pictures and my poor old camera's not up to the job, anyway first up are Lord Clares Dragoons, sometimes known as the yellow dragoons, these are Essex figures while all the following infantry are Dixons, hope you like them.

Hanoverians, The Prince of Mecklenburg Infantry Regiment

The Scots Fusileers

Next up is the Royal Irish Regt, these have a pikes attached


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  1. I've just started painting and a project I decided on is to do Clare's Regt. of Wild Geese, but can't find figures that will work having cuffs and lapels on the jacket. I noticed yours, but I only noticed a horse rider. Suggestions?