Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More Poles

Hi guys,

Sorry there's been no updates for a while, but life sometimes gets in the way, ran off to Cornwall with my gorgeous girlfriend to get married, and have done alot of partying with family and friends since, anyway, have still managed to get another unit of Poles finished, so only got 2 units of winged hussars to do and the Saxon/Polish army is finished, also started on the Irish Jacobite army with the Guards nearly finished, Arrans horse next with some militia.


  1. You could always go what I do and paint outside. I live in sunny Queensland in Australia and if I did not paint when it was sunny I would never get anything done.

    Nice Poles by the way.

  2. David, are you just taking the mick becase it's miserable here for 360 days a year ? we've had summer now, it was last week, just rain, wind, and if we're really lucky a metre or so of snow to look forward too !! :-(

  3. Dixon's for the tricornes?

  4. Yes, the tricorned infantry are Dixons, very nice figures to paint