Friday, 1 May 2009

The Spanish are Coming !!!

Sorry these arn't all fully based but you get the idea, the infantry are Dixons and the Dragoons are Essex, the bases are steel, tried the MDF route,these are much better availble from

If anyone can recommend some Spanish Cavalry flags I would appreciate it, as this unit of dragoons is currently flagless.

Sorry chaps, Steve pointed out that I forgot to name the units, the infantry are Terico Amarillos or "Old Yellows" and the Dragoons are Regiment Campredon. They will be joining the Catholic League forces, France, Savoy, Jacobite Ireland and Bavaria against the Protestant Powers of Great Britain, Holland, Saxony/Poland and Sweden.


  1. Brilliant!! Only word for it - fine brushwork... what regiment are they and what theatre of the war will they serve in??

    W.r.t flags - this is the only source I know...

  2. Wayne,

    To be properly correct, your infantry regiment began life in 1657 as the Tercio de Burgos and became known as the "Amarillos Veijos" or Old Yellows due to the color of their coats. A 2nd regiment was created in 1694 as the Tercio de Leon and was called the "Amarillos Nuevos" or New Yellows, again for their coat colors.

    I have James Hinds' book on the standards and colours of The Army of Philip V published by Editions Brokaw that has 4 Dragoon colours and several cavalry colours. If you don't have access to this, I can try and knock out at least a template for you in Paint or similar and e-mail it to you. Please e-mail me offline at if you want me to try and get you some Dragoon and Cavalry colours.


  3. Wayne,

    I have a Paint file for you (your choice, jpeg, bit or gif), of the actual colours of the Campredon Dragoons. This is based on the work of Wagner and Goldberg as reproduced by Hinds and Condray. You can simply scale them to whatever size you wish to use and print them out, already colored. The Colonel's Guidon is, of course, white background and the Company Guidon is with a green background to match the unit's facings. These are supposedly accurate at least through the WAS period and earlier, don't know about later. But they should work for your period. Send me an e-mail address that can accept attachments.