Friday 21 August 2015

Dukes Soldiers

These are the first of the Dukes troops for his flying column, they are Newline figures from their late colonial range, again all 20mm, I need some support weapons for them, Vickers mmg a couple of of lewis guns and a mortar any suggestions most welcome 
Hope you like them


Monday 17 August 2015

VBCW 1938

Just finished my first units for the VBCW.
These are the Duke of Devonshire's estate workers, essentially armed to protect the Dukes lands in the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak.
The Duke as yet, has not officially declared his support for any particular faction, however he has agreed with the King and Moseley to allow free unhindered passage through his land for BUF and loyal army units, providing they pass straight through.
By giving them passage it is securing his west and northern bounderies by ensuring the socialists of Manchester and Yorkshire are kept busy, so all the Duke has to worry about is the Miners from East Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire trying to link up with Manchester and the towns of Buxton and Matlock who have both declared for Prince Albert 
His boundary to the south is at the moment secure as Derby has declared for Moseley

Hope you like, all comments welcome

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Ottoman Artillery

Hi Guys
Not managed to do much painting, too many other things to do in the nice weather, couldn't base anything either, my base supplier got orders mixed up, then couldn't locate my camera lead, anyway enough of my problems/stupidity, on with the show.
These figures are from the Vienna range by Legio Heroica, if any of you don't buy things from abroad due to delivery worries, I can highly recommend this company and Giuseppe is very easy to deal with.

Hope you enjoy the pics, sorry about my dodgy camera skills :-(
If anyone is in the High Peak area please get in touch my email is on my profile 

Sunday 26 April 2015

Some French Dragoons and Something a Little Different

 Latest figures finished, some French dragoons, the Royal Regt, these are all 15mm Dixons and the first of the Ottomans, these are from the Wargames By fire and Sword range, a little larger than the Dixons mainly due to the size of the horses, nice figures to paint, and a good range, having looked at the foot figures which look a little spindly to me I've gone for Legio Heroica foot figures, these will make an appearance on here in the future, hope you enjoy the pictures, as always comments both good and bad welcome


Monday 23 March 2015

Hi.......I'm back ! ! !

Well, long time no paint..........
Been a busy boy since my last post, lost loved ones :-(
New bike, nice big Harley
New house and this is the big thing, I've got my own painting room, still slow going though or it eill be until the house is finished
So here's the latest Dutch horse and dragoons
Hope you like them, they are the first ones I've used matt varnish on, not sure I liked it at first but it is growing on me.
Currently working on some French dragoons and some Ottomans


Sunday 25 August 2013

Dragoons of the Foot Variety

At last I hear you cry You've managed to sit on your fat lardy arse and actually paint something ! Well yes I have and it's not THAT lardy !

Well although these are carrying the Royal Dragoon Standard I have done them to be used as and when needed, the figures are from Lurkio,Officer from Matchlock, that come in FOGR units with mdf bases that I wouldn't use for I think for 15mm figures they are too thick, I enjoyed painting these  dead easy, however this pack came with no command figures which I believe is a big weakness of the range, but if you can find suitable figures I would certainly recommend them although they are a little on the chunky side.

By Fire & Sword

You see, I haven't disapeared again, bought these through the Kickstarter programme that these guys ran, must admit that I was worried I may never see anything for my money but how wrong I was, I got these, the specials and some samples of more figures and terrain. The boxes are top to bottom:- Special Polish Skirmish pack, Ottoman Skirmish pack and Feudal Sipahi with Spears.

 Close-up of the special Polish skirmish pack apparently this is a signed limited edition, I can assure you that the contents will be painted and the box thrown away !

These are the Ottoman boxes

 Finally a picture of the contents of the Ottoman skirmish pack, 2 boxes each well packaged with everything you need apart from glue, paint and brushes. The spears are the standard fair that can be bought from the likes of Northstar, who incidentally are the UK distributors for these figures, self adhesive flags, steel bases and of course the figures. Now forgive me for gushing, but I've never bought figures or units before that have come so well packed and with everything you need, I like it !

When I have built some up prior to painting I post some pics of the actual figures